Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nerdy-Stuff----Edition 1

Hey 'Yall! It's me, EB, and I'm here to tell you all about nerdy-junk! Mmmkay. Really, I'm here to tell you about a nerdy-thing EB is doing in school. It involves reading. Each week, I'll try to post a book that I'm reading for the project. The first book that I'm reading is called 'Elephant Run' by Roland Smith. It's about a guy named Nick. He and his mom live in Britland. [LOL, It's really England, but I though it was really Britland until about.......... 5 days ago.] When WW2 strikes, his mother sends him off to Burma, an African Country in, well, Africa, with his father. The Japanese take over Burma, and take the teak plantation that his father owns, which was started by his great-grandfather many years ago, and take all the workers hostage, including Nick and his father. They have to escape, and along the way get help from Mya, a girl who also lived on the teak farm, with her father, aunt, and her great-grandfather, a wise, old, monk by the name of Hilltop. Together, nick, Hilltop, and Mya take on the vast jungle in order to save Nick's fater, and Mya's brother from the Japanese labor camps, where they are sent.

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  1. I wanna read this book now! ...Stewie