Monday, December 28, 2009

Oregon Humane society animal

OHS is a shelter in Oregon [obviously]and i love it. I adopted Lucy, my other pet cat besides Chaplin. I found her on their website, and fell in love with her. Here's a I plan to show some support and show the world some of their animals on my blog.

Name: Spot - Code Number: 82882 - Date Available: 11/23/2009 - Adoption Fee: $85
Type: Dog -Breed: Dalmatian/Australian Cattledog
-Pattern: Black -Color: Black/Ticked
-Gender: Male -Age: 5 Yr -Weight: 50.5 lbs. -Location: Event Outreach -

OUTREACH: I am now at 6767 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97219 (503-245-4363). Come meet me there! Spot is a sweet boy! Though he loves attention, he can get a little nervous in new situations. He is very active and will need daily exercise. If you have a spare tennis ball lying around Spot would LOVE to play fetch with you! We highly recommend that Spot's new home be cat free due to his history of not getting along with them. We also recommend that he go to a home with older children because he can be a little head shy.

The adoption fee includes spay services, identification microchip, collar and identification tag, initial vaccinations, one month of pet insurance, a certificate for a free veterinarian examination, and plenty of support and information from the experienced staff at OHS.

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Celebrating Randomness


Macey is my neighbor's cat. She makes it look like she lives at MY home. Anyway, she is the sweetest kitty ever. This was the clearest pic I could get of her. She was spying on a flock of sparrows when I took this. It's really hard to keep her still.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Rare Event Happens In Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A baby beluga was born Monday head-first in Chicago. You can watch the video at You tube.
Here's the link.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The difference between a white tiger and an orange tiger

White Tigers have a genetic condition. Siberian tigers are normal, and fairly large, coming up to be the largest species of tiger.

The White Tiger is a tiger with a genetic condition effecting its color. If one of its ancestors had the condition, it is very possible it skipped a generation or two before coming in contact with another tiger.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Kitten Update

I haven't seen Sunshine, the mom cat for awhile. Hobbes, the smallest kitten and most orange, I haven't seen also. Alex, the middle-sized kitten, was eating some food we put out. Nemo, the biggest kitten and most black, was exploring our deck. I will now discribe our deck. There's three feet of railing coming from the left side of the door, heading the same direction as the door. Then there's the stair case, and more railing wrapping around two-fourths of the deck. The other two-fourths are the dining room, kitchen, and part of the family room. Next to the railing on the side farthest from the door is a wicker table. Next to it is a matching wicker chair with a small blue cushion. Next to that is an old rocking chair. Actually, it just looks old due to weather and wear and tear damage. Nemo jumped onto the rocking chair and stood on the arm rest. The wind blew him down onto the seat. Then he jumped to the wicker chair, and laid down on the cushion. After a minute, he got up and stood on the table. On the table is a wooden box painted by Lizard. He got in the box, which is only about 6 in. by 6 in., and then ran around it. The top of the table is only 8 or 9 in, by 8 or 9 in. He only had about 2 inches to run on. All this time Alex was eating the cat food. They stayed up there for 10 minutes, then went under the deck. After 4 minutes, Nemo poked his head up and played on the deck for about 3 minutes, the went back under. You can tell Nemo is more active then Alex. Alex is kinda chubby, while Nemo is more thin and lean.
Sunshine just came on the deck and took a few bites of food. I saw Hobbes, too. The kittens have really grown since I last saw them. If you want to learn about the kittens from earlier this couple of months, check out my other blog, I encourage you to check it out. The specific posts are Flood Light Night and Flood Light Night update, Sunshine and Alex, and all the Sunshine and Alex updates. [3]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paleolithic dogs

Paleolithic dogs have been extinct for quite awhile. Why am I blogging about them? The oldest known dog fossil was unveiled today, and this is the kind it was. They closely resemble a Siberian Husky. The fossil is 31,700 years old. It was found in Goyet Cave in Belgium.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What is this, you may ask? A mop? A hairy poodle? Someone's pile of hair trimmings?
All those answers are WRONG! This is a Puli, a rare breed of dog originating in the Hungarian plains. They were originally bred for sheep herding. I say they look like a mop. :)


Today after I posted the difference between a white egg, and a brown egg, we had a power outage. During the power outage, I discovered something. Our wag fish, Aunt Susan, died.

Poor Aunt Susan!

The difference between a brown egg and a white egg

The color difference is due to the specific breed of hen, according to the Egg Nutrition Center. Hens with white feathers and white earlobes will lay white eggs, where as hens with red feathers and matching-colored earlobes give us brown eggs.

Chicken eggs aren't limited to just brown or white. They also come in blue or even a nice speckled finish (though you may have to make a special request at your local supermarket for these).

The color of the eggshell has nothing to do with the taste of the egg.

All awswers above were found somewhere on the internet. Sorry no specific website credits.


Lucy is my other pet cat. She lives with Stewie, due to my allergies. I adopted her from the Oregon Humane Society [ ] on 7-7-07 . Check out EMSU [] for more on Lucy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My pets

I'm going to do cartoons of my pets for a while. Here's Chaplin, my 16 year old female cat.

The difference between a Soup and a Chowder

Chowder is typically a rich, creamy SOUP that is chock full of all kinds of ingredients that make it similar to a stew.

Soup is more of a broth... chowder is thicker.

Chowder is a cream based soup.

Ex: Furniture is to Chair, as Soup is to Chowder.

All answers, except 4 the example, were found somewhere on the web. Sorry no website credits.

For Stewie:

Aunt Susan the wag fish

This pic is of my pet fish, Aunt Susan. I'm not sure what specific king of wag Aunt Susan is.

EB- Vines

This paint pic is the start of a whole line of "EB Art" If u saw the EB Bushes I posted on the first post, that was the second one. I'm trying 2 make a new paint pic 2 upload everyday, so keep coming back 4 more!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sea Monster that I did a long time ago....

Click to enlarge photo

Hi Blogland!

Hey Everyone!
It's me, EB. This blog is about randomness. I'll put pics up that I've done in paint, funny stuff, and, well, for now, info on the kitties living under my deck. If you don't know about the cats already, Check out my other blog. Anyway, I hope you have fun on my newest blog. See ya!


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